Changing a log level for a given JULI logger in the serviceability. Variable substitution in templates not working. OutOfMemoryError while processing a Virgo repository. Virgo Splash screen claims Virgo Server is a trademark. De même que pour eP-Web, il est nécessaire de configurer le fichier. GA cf Geronimo Eclipse juste au-dessus pour l’installation. Fix OSGi bundle branding.

Nom: hibernate tools-3.2.0.ga.zip
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Système d’exploitation: Windows, Mac, Android, iOS
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Tooling broken after second restart. ModelBundleListenerInitializer should use user region bundle context consistently. Bugzilla — Bug List. Respin docs to reflect changes to Tomcat Server name. Use HTML entity for infinity instead of oo. Switch BundleFileWrapperFactory hook to org.

Clean up the feature projects. Exception logged when service. Maven reports that Virgo Bundlor does not have plugin descriptor. Hosted repository configuration not present in user region. Les fichiers spécifiques aux modes de développement sont sous. Update Bundlor dependencies to support Java 8 bytecode.

For me i find it much easily to use the second choice, because generating a PDF via the code is much heavier and needs to add libraries or any type of external code.


Configuration ePims pour le développement [ePims]

Support a single configurable Virgo Runtime Environment. Bundle redeploy does not work in snapshot builds. Tomcat Websocket support defunct in 3. Incorrect sorting by Id in Explorer tab of web admin console.

hibernate tools-3.2.0.ga.zip

Bad rendering of tab titles on IE8. Variable substitution in templates not working. Hudson Virgo Jetty Server job failing smoke test.

Tutorial Hibernate pour les débutants

Admin console broken in Virgo Nano Full 3. Update Spring Framework to 4. Dependency on Servlet 2.

Delete references to kernel service wrapper and associated documentation if CQ is not approved. OSGi-state not explorable in created dump. Removing more than 1 bundle at same time. As a developer I’d like to have PMD checks available at build time. Enhancement Request to allow ssh remote command execution to Virgo. Bring snaps toole-3.2.0.ga.zip to date with 2.

Index of /nexus/content/groups/PUBLIC-GROUP/org/hibernate/hibernate-tools/3.2.0.ga/

Incorrect versioning of user and programmer guides. M02 reports missing plugin. Multiple instances of config. MF rather than template. Duplicate bundles deployed into Virgo Server by Virgo Tools. Relationships between Bundles will overwrite any existing relationship to be rendered.


hibernate tools-3.2.0.ga.zip

Extraneous web properties file in VTS config directory. QuasiFrameworkIntegrationTests fails under Java 7. Add console-related bundles to EBR. Intermittent auth issues connecting to build. Pour éviter d’avoir à re-modifier les fichiers de propriété lorsque l’on passe du mode développement au mode production ou au mode testdes fichiers de configuration différents sont rangés dans des répertoires en fonction du mode. Rien n’est imposé mais il est recommandé de créer un environnement de tools-3.2.0.ga.zip distinct de celui de production: